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Dependable lawn sprinkler systems

Spend more time enjoying your yard and less time watering it!

For over 20 years, 8 Days a Week has been helping homeowners save time, money and water with an automatic irrigation system. Your decision to install a new, automated lawn sprinkler system will result in water conservation, while also allowing you the joy of having a beautiful outdoor space.

A fully automated lawn sprinkler system is ideal for any home that needs a beautiful looking lawn. With precision watering aimed at the specific plantings on your lawn, you will be able to save water and money. Without any time invested into watering your lawn, the end result is a healthy, dense and lush green lawn.

Lush, healthy, green lawns and gardens

From the initial consultation, to the irrigation design, to the final installation of the lawn sprinkler system, our team will make sure that you are are satisfied with the project.

Our team of technicians have years of experience in the installation of small, medium and large sprinkler systems. 8 Days a Week has worked on thousands of homes, gaining the experience it needs to provide precision watering for your lawn and plants. Our automatic irrigation system adjusted for your lawn watering requirements will save you time, water and money.

If your residential or commercial property is in need of a new lawn sprinkler system, please contact us today at 905-628-3297 or for a consultation!

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