Irrigation / Sprinkler Systems in Grimsby

Automated, water-saving sprinkler systems in Grimsby

Proudly serving clients in Grimsby with reliable, automated sprinkler systems for over 20 years

8 Days a Week is a Dundas, Ontario based leader in the installation and maintenance of sprinkler and irrigation systems – proudly serving residents in Grimsby!

If you’re a homeowner in Grimsby or the surrounding areas such as Beamsville, Lincoln or Jordan, you can count on our experienced team to meet your lawn watering needs. A professionally installed sprinkler system by 8 Days a Week will make it possible for you to save money, time and water when watering your lawn.

Reliable, automated sprinkler system design, installation, adjustments and maintenance

We begin with a site assessment, looking at your lawn and watering needs to design a plan that works best for your lawn. During the assessment, we will look at several conditions such as the amount of sun/shade your lawn receives, plant types, soil type and water requirement. Based on these factors, we can come up with an efficient way to water your whole lawn, while helping you conserve water and save money.

From micro sprayers for flower baskets to drip irrigation for flower beds, we carry a wide selection of irrigation components for all your lawn watering needs. Our quality products coupled with our years of experience has made 8 Days a Week the “go-to” company for all your sprinkler system needs in Dundas and the surrounding areas.

Contact 8 Days a Week to learn more about our irrigation / sprinkler systems and how they can help you conserve water. You can call our office at 905-628-3297 or email us at

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