Water Conservation

Automated irrigation / sprinkler systems water conservation

We are fully committed to water conservation in the Greater Hamilton Area

8 Days a Week is an eco-conscious company with water conservation being atop the list of priorities.  Water conservation is the number one consideration when our team designs, installs, repairs or consults on all lawn sprinkler systems.

We are fully committed to continuing to promote water conservation with our staff and also with every customer we speak with. For more information on how a professionally installed, automated irrigation system can help you save water, call us today at 905-628-3297 or email us at sales@8days.ca.

Also, check out a new product in 2017 – Wi-Fi Controllers – for added water savings!

Have us install the new wifi controller today to access local real time weather data for huge water savings

Hunter Pro-HC Wi-Fi Controller

  • Indoor and outdoor models
  • Outdoor model includes contractor friendly lock
  • Full-functioning controller with touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi enabled for simple and fast connection to the internet
  • 6, 12 and 24 fixed station numbers
  • Dedicated master valve/pump start
  • Large terminal strips and wiring compartment
  • Built-in milliamp sensor across the full range of controllers
  • Warranty period: 2 years

Call us at 905-628-3297, email sales@8days.ca or learn more about our Wi-Fi Controllers!