Landscape Lighting

Let us light up your backyard oasis

Turn your property into that paradise you always dreamed of

With the help of 8 Days a Week Landscape Lighting, you will be able to extend the daylight beauty of your landscape, garden and home well into the night. Our technicians install all types of landscape lighting to compliment the various focal points of your home. With years of experience in outdoor lighting for homes, we are your local exterior lighting experts.

From small LED accent lights to classy post cap lighting, we offer a wide range of outdoor lighting products to enhance the night-time look of your home. Whether you want lightscaping for safety or aesthetics, we can properly install outdoor lighting fixtures that enhance the look of your home.

Energy efficient, affordable, LED landscape lighting options are available

At 8 Days a Week Landscape Lighting, we are very environmentally conscious and only use energy-efficient lighting products for our projects. We understand the benefits of nightscaping and make it a priority to offer affordable lighting options.

A combination of the right types of nightscaping elements can really bring night-time beauty to your home. Whether you want to bring attention to the architectural features of your home or offer visual safety to your guests, we have the right selection of lighting products for you.

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